Thursday, July 30, 2009

Tumblr from July 28, 4 PM - Answers to Some Questions

I drink because...

-I can get myself
to this place in
which I feel a
perverse sense of
happiness and a
sort of control.

-I like the way it
feels.It's like a
thinspo; If I'm on
an empty stomach
I can feel the alcohol
swirl and burn my

-I feel clean inside.

-It helps me to not
think of

I won't eat in front of you because...

-I feel (am) fat.

-I hate having this solid lump in my
body, like a caloric tumor.

-When I eat in front of people and
think of what I'm eating, I quickly
become nauseous.

-No one wants to see a fatty talk
with their mouth full.

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